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Nov 4, 2009 5:00pm EST
. a short time ago law makers took that a step father. lisa myers joins us with telling us what is congress doing. they are trying to move up the deadline, correct? >> reporter: absolutely, wendy. you may remember when the credit card rules were first passed last may, congress voted to give the banks until next february to comply with the new law. well, as everyone with a credit card knows they used much of this window to raise rates significantly across the board. well, today the house said we've had it. we are going to put these reforms in place immediately or at least as soon as the president signs this bill. >> a lot of people have already had their rates go up as these credit card companies started rushing to make money now between now and the deadline. is there any way they can reverse that? >> reporter: i would love to tell you that this is going to roll back rate increases folks consider unfair, but it won't. it is of no assistance to people who already had their rates increase. all this bill would do is basically put in reforms that would prevent those kind of retro active rate inc
Nov 3, 2009 5:00pm EST
, as i like to call it. >> reporter: in the winery, lisa takes over, turning these grapes into an award-winning syrha. >> you are trying to capture the unique soil, the special place we have here and bring that all into the wine. >> reporter: will a biodynamic wine taste better? not necessarily, but they are producing syrhas that get a 90 from robert parker. more importantly, their vineyard isn't polluting the workers or the land. just the opposite. they are allowing their corner of the earth to evolve naturally, and harness the power of nature for their creation. >> when somebody drinks a glass of our wine, i want them to remember our mountainside vineyard. i want them to remember our rocky soils. i want them to remember our native grasses on the vineyard floor and the fact we are biodynamic. >> reporter: biodynamic farming was created by an austrian former in the 1990s. to reach and find out where you can buy it here go to and search "going green." >> what beautiful country. >> it's lely. it's so great out there. >>> still to come on news4 at 5:00, virginia voters co
Nov 13, 2009 5:00pm EST
cruiser. animal control officers, virginia newsome and lisa shaw showed up, chased him to another road. the deputy left. they thought the turkey had gone, too. >> as i was leaving, i looked in my mirror to see him chasing me down, and came up on the side of me and literally got in front of my car and stopped me from leaving. >> but he came back and climbed atop the animal control truck. he may like the lights. >> i believe strongly that it was the lights. it was the strobe lights that had him attached to the vehicle. >> the officers took the pictures and video with their cell phones. for three weeks he's been waddling around route 7 in ashburn. the turkey is still on the lam tonight. >> it's not mating system and not typical for him to be looking for a hen, however, he just happens to be really out here and looking for attention. >> if you're driving and see him, slow down, but don't stop. he could try to bond with your vehicle and follow you. if you have a strobe light, turn it off. >> nice. they are really beautiful birds when they are all puffed up like that. >> he's all proud. >> h
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3